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About Me

My journey to Love

My Inspiration

Light will someday split you open
Even if your life is now a cage.

Little by little, You will turn into stars.
Little by little, You will turn into
The whole sweet, amorous Universe.

Love will surely burst you wide open

Into an unfettered, booming new galaxy.

You will become so free
In a wonderful, secret
And pure Love That flows
From a conscious, One-pointed, Infinite Light.

Even then, my dear, The Beloved will have fulfilled
Just a fraction, Just a fraction!
Of a promise He wrote upon your heart.

For a divine seed, the crown of destiny,
Is hidden and sown on an ancient, fertile plain
You hold the title to.

O look again within yourself,
For I know you were once the elegant host
To all the marvels in creation.

When your soul begins
To ever bloom and laugh
And spin in Eternal Ecstasy-

O little by little, You will turn into God.


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The full story

I have always wanted my life to light up with Love, with the warm loving presence of the Whole.

I struggled between Love and fear till I turned 60, even though I was given the secure knowing of the presence within.


The last couple of years my heart is bursting with Love and all I want to do is radiate and beam, embracing All of creation in its joy and Bliss.

I have met myself many times through the years, but never acknowledged or honoured my magnificence and beauty. I lived in the limited scope of what I considered a difficult and unattractive body and life. And I struggle with it every moment in the absence of Love.

Love is the only energy that allows the Source to vibrate within and without, carrying with it a knowing of All.

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The early days

Before I embraced Trust and Surrender, life was a series of painful misadventures. I stumbled and fell over and over, trying to manage the world. So many mistakes, so much upset and so much anger I felt with the circumstances of my life and yet, there was always a part of me unshaken and uninvolved.

On the way, I had some deep experiences of the Divine, of the realms, of healing and being healed, of crystals, channeling, and communication with nature, animals and mother Gaia. Curiosity led me everywhere. I have learned from loving teachers and Gurus, read, channeled, self-studied, done courses on different Spiritual paths, healing modalities, religions, been a crazy Quantum enthusiast, a chanter, an animal communicator, spent hours in silence and worked on my shadow self and inner child.

I began working with individuals in 2008 as a Spiritual Guide and Healer. In 2013, when my husband passed, in that deep grief and healing I had an important remembrance. Many, many years ago I received 2 messages from my Guides and Higher Beings : 

“Priya, the best way is your prayers for all beings and for yourself, the incredible healing power of your prayers! IF YOU LOOK AT YOUR NAME IT IS I PRAY. And so find comfort in your heart, in knowing that you are a healing instrument in this way.”

“BELOVED...keep seeing the word Beloved: you are The Beloved and Love is what you offer.“

In Sanskrit, my name Priya means Beloved, 

Citrus Fruits

The Invitation

Our authentic self has always been within us. It is time to open the gates and let it shine. 


Through a series of channeled messages that I received in 2018, I was inspired to start working with the given blueprint of The Beloved. 


"Let us be in Trust and Faith.


Let us, with pure intent, fill our hearts and hands with Love and Service, for the benefit of All, for the good of All, for the awakening of All."

Let us stand strong in our power with vigilance, discernment and discrimination in everything we think, say and do.


Let us stay aware and open regarding our shadow self and ego with clear intent to transform and transmute for the highest good of All."


With this inner calling and through the gentle (sometimes not so gentle) prodding of my Guides, Spiritual Team and Higher Beings, I am now putting myself out there; so that I may be available to more people and soul groups, animals, nature, all of creation.


It would be an honour to hold you through your journey to Love and Source Energy.  


We are all The Beloved.


Lots of Love,


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